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Betta Fish and the Fruit Fly Guy

Here is a story about how, a fish in a cup became a passion.

Once upon a time, in a quaint coastal village, lived a
curious young boy named Liam. Liam had a heart full of wonder and a spirit that
yearned for adventure. One day, as he was wandering along the beach, he
stumbled upon an old, weathered cup half-buried in the sand. But what caught
his attention wasn't the cup itself, but rather what was inside it – a
shimmering fish, trapped and gasping for breath.

Liam's heart went out to the fish, and he quickly scooped up
the cup, carefully cradling it in his hands. He rushed to the edge of the
water, gently pouring the fish back into the sea. To his amazement, the fish
didn't swim away. Instead, it lingered near the shore, as if expressing

As days turned into weeks, Liam returned to the shore daily
to visit his newfound fish friend. He named the fish Finley, and a unique bond
formed between them. Liam shared his thoughts, dreams, and even his fears with
Finley, and in return, Finley seemed to listen with an understanding glint in
his eye.

One evening, a storm brewed on the horizon, dark clouds
gathering and waves crashing violently against the shore. Liam worried about
Finley's safety in the turbulent waters. Determined to protect his friend, he
crafted a makeshift shelter using pieces of driftwood and netting. With a
determined heart, he placed the cup inside the shelter, hoping Finley would
find refuge there.

The storm raged on through the night, and Liam's heart was
heavy with concern. But as dawn broke and the skies cleared, he rushed to the
shore, fearing the worst. To his relief and joy, there was Finley, safe and
sound inside the makeshift shelter, the cup still protecting him.

From that moment on, Liam and Finley's bond grew even
stronger. The villagers marveled at their extraordinary friendship and the tale
of the fish in the cup spread far and wide. Liam's compassion and determination
touched everyone who heard the story, reminding them of the importance of
caring for all living creatures.

And so, in that small coastal village, a boy named Liam
taught the world that even the most unlikely friendships could bloom from acts
of kindness, and that a single act of saving a fish in a cup could create
ripples of love and empathy that would last a lifetime.

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Jerry - Founder of Betta Trading Company.

In 2019, Jerry went looking for a pet and while looking at
the beautiful, inquisitive fish in a less than adequate cup, Jerry bought a few
Bettas from a local pet store. After researching how to take care of them,
Jerry became very passionate about Bettas and wondered if he could breed them.
He tried his hand at breeding them and to his amazement a bubble nest formed
and there were babies. Jerry’s home soon became a Betta fish sanctuary.

Fruit Fly’s – needing food for his new hobby Jerry looked at
ways to efficiently and organically feed his fish and found Fruit Flies were a
great source of live food for Bettas. He quickly became adept to creating his
own Fruit Fly cultures.

After some time, Jerry decided to try and sell some of his
Bettas on eBay, and found there were a lot of Betta enthusiasts out there. He
also noticed a demand for food and began selling his own Fruit Fly cultures as
well. Each Fruit Fly culture is reviewed and approved by Jerry. “I wouldn’t
sell something that I wouldn’t buy myself” – Jerry says.

In 2023, Jerry and his Partner founded Betta Trading Company
bringing together a place where he could share his passion with others. Betta
Trading Company isn’t only about Bettas, the idea is to provide homes that suit
the aquatic and invertebrate pets.

We aim to supply a happy and higher quality of Betta which
are all kept in 2 + gallon temporary tanks until they are ready to go to their
forever homes.

Betta Fish

Why Betta's

Betta Fish

Why Betta's

1. Aesthetic Appeal: Bettas have vibrant and striking colors. Betta fish are known for their beautiful and often iridescent fins, which can vary in color from deep blues and reds to vibrant greens and purples. Their striking appearance can be captivating and serve as a strong attraction.

2. Low Maintenance: Betta fish are relatively easy to care for, making them an attractive option for people who are new to fishkeeping. They don't require a large aquarium or complex filtration systems, and they can thrive in smaller tanks.

3. Unique Behavior: Betta fish are known for their interesting behavior, such as their territorial and inquisitive nature and the male's tendency to build bubble nests. These behaviors can make them more interactive pets. Observing these behaviors can be both educational and entertaining.

4. Space Constraints: For a beginner with limited space Bettas are the ideal fish. Betta fish are a practical choice for someone with small tank requirements. They are often kept in small aquariums or even decorative bowls, making them suitable for people with limited living space.

5. Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Some people find watching fish to be calming and stress-reducing. The gentle movements of Betta fish and the tranquility of a well-maintained aquarium can provide a sense of relaxation, which may help to unwind after a long day.

6. Community and Hobby: Betta fish keeping can become a hobby and a community-building activity. People find interest in the online or local community of Betta fish enthusiasts, where they share their experiences, knowledge, and tips for keeping these fish. This social aspect can enhance the overall appeal of Betta fish keeping.

7. Unique Personal Connection: Sometimes, people can develop unique connection with their pet Betta. Bettas are aware of who takes care of them.

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