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  • Sku: aq-26-belly box 25
  • Type: Aquarium

Nano Trapezium Glass Aquarium 4-6 Gal

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See your fish in a whole new light with the Nano Trapezium Glass Aquarium! This bellybox beauty features an integrated triple-color LED lighting system that will stun, flash, and dazzle your fishy friends. With its compact multi-stage back filter and overhead trickle filtering panel, you know your aqua-buddies will have the cleanest, clearest habitat around! What are you waiting for? Dive into this super-cool aquarium today!

Bellybox Design. Integrated Triple-Colors LED Lighting. Compact Multi-Stage Back Filter. Unique Overhead Trickle Filtering Panel. Super Bio Filter Materials Included.

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Nano Trapezium Glass Aquarium 4-6 Gal

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